Why Is Tennis Lacking Appeal In Britain?

9 03 2010

Worldwide we are known as nations who are in adoration towards sport. We had produced champions in vast masses of competitions. 1966 England won the World Cup for the first and only time. In 1967 Celtic became the first British team to win the European Cup. England won the Rugby World Cup in 2003, the first and only win to date from these isles. Team GB have won 715 medals in the summer Olympics, and are the only team to have won gold at every tournament. Yet if you were to look at our record in Tennis it wouldn’t be so compelling.

The last Britain to win a Wimbledon men’s singles title was Fred Perry in 1936. Since then the talent produced has been quite scarce. Tim Henman was the last ‘star’ people will remember to push for that Wimbledon title, but even he faltered. Today we have Scotsman Andy Murray who now has the burden to live up to. But why are we producing limited amounts of stars in tennis?

A Real Contender For Wimbledon

Andy Murray Is A Real Contender For Wimbledon

Thinking of my school days (not long ago, before you start thinking of “back in my days”) we had tennis facilities, but albeit not sufficient. It was basically a hard-court, in which we would play tennis and hockey on. Ok it isn’t state of the art but we did have some facilities. After the government funded money towards our new sports hall and Astroturf they also relayed the courts and made them tarmac, improving what was there earlier, but hardly the private school grass court.

The sport can only be played in the summer because it is impossible to play the game in the winter, especially with the unpredictable and gloomy weather we have in this country. Maybe because of this children don’t have the urge to take up the sport because they would prefer to play football in warm weather, a sport they can play continuously throughout the year no matter what weather condition.

It is a sport which in the modern day is starting to be dominated by people from Eastern Europe, especially in the female section. Maybe parents are not hard enough on their children here. Over in countries like Russia or Poland there is little work and the quality of life is poor, sport is an opportunity to escape from the labour and the money is there. We have it easier in this country and maybe because we don’t have parents being pushy towards us, ala Andre Agassi, we lack the same drive as others.

After the diabolic Davis Cup record of five consecutive loses under current captain John Lloyd, leaving us on the verge of dropping into the bottom league and facing countries such as San Marino, the LTA have reportedly been in discussions with Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski over replacing Lloyd.

It is worrying to see Britain in a state like this at tennis. Maybe the government should make sure more of the funding lottery money towards sport is used towards tennis, or maybe we should accept the fact it is a sport we are not good at, and try to concentrate of sports we are.




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9 03 2010

Hm hm.. that’s quiet interessting but honestly i have a hard time understanding it… I’m wondering what others have to say….

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